Saturday, May 14, 2011

Writing My Thoughts on a Napkin

I've been thinking how much I really miss writing. I use to love to write, all the time. Creating stories and telling all of my thoughts and dreams through different characters. It was so exciting. I miss that so much. But everytime I set myself down infront of my computer to write something, nothing comes out. I have so many thoughts and so much emotion and no way to express it. Its in me almost like it may never come out. And that's really scary.

Anyway, I want to try to start writing again. Every night as I try to fall asleep I create this story in my head. Usually a love story. And I set it up like its a movie and it helps me go to sleep. I cant even remember how long i've been doing seems like years but maybe not. I keep the same story going on for a while, until i finish it or i get tired of it. Then i set up new characters and a new plot. Sometimes I try to jot them down on paper and make the story into an actual story. But it's never as great as it is in my head you know?

I really want to start writing. Really bad. Even just a short story will do. Maybe go into one of my old books. I have one that I'm almost 100 pages into. It needs a lot of work though.

ANYWHOOO lots going on these days and I just need to keep my head straight.

Beautiful Word: Serendipity (Finding something nice while looking for something else)


  1. you do need to write again! so do I haha

  2. If you think too much to write is not going to be natural !

    try to write without thinking, just typing (kind of out of control) and maybe, just maybe something comes out!
    And then you read it and select what you like it or not !

    And Happy New Year from Japan.

  3. love these! great blog love x



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